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Market Research

Understanding the existing and future socio-economic and demographic conditions is a fundamental aspect of proactive strategic planning and development. We deliver beyond just numerical outcomes but focus on providing sentiment outcomes and insight for our clients regarding their strategic development plans.

We offer the full suite of quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, inclusive of telephone and online interviewing, personal intercept interviewing, focus group and in-depth qualitative discussions. Importantly, we are one of the few companies that has our own CATI systems and field survey teams so that we can control project quality.  


Conducting the research and delivering results is just the beginning. Beyond just the charts and graphs, we identify drivers and influencing trends, provide insight and contextualised answers to strategic questions leveraging the latest in technology and visualisation. Embedding the insights through thoughtful frameworks, concept designs and presentation workshops is equally important in our client engagement.

Corporate & Government Sentiment

Through understanding opportunities and identifying issues within the commercial realities where social and cultural brands exist, we can help create positive relationships with the people who drive your reputation in the market. By combining an evidenced-based and exploratory approach to inform decision making, we can deliver a holistic 360-degree insight.

Our range of integrated solutions includes:

  • Undertaking policy evaluation and development

  • Defining Consumer and Business Sentiment

  • Understanding employee and staff satisfaction and sentiment

  • Assessment of Corporate reputation and imagery

  • Compliance and regulation of Government initiatives.


Community Impact & Confidence

We tell the stories of communities to help influence local and state government plans. Through the exploration of satisfaction, importance and behaviour drivers, we can develop effective engagement strategies which increase community and key stakeholder advocacy. By utilising advanced research techniques and ensuring comprehensive community consultation, more effective policies and programs can be developed which respond to the community’s needs.

Our expertise includes:

  • Investigating community perceptions, wants, needs and aspirations

  • Defining scenarios for behaviour change

  • Exploring opportunities for community engagement

  • Designing stakeholder engagement frameworks

  • Exploring the socio-economic impact of specific events or services

  • Community services benchmarking

  • Understanding community socio-demographics

Consumer & Customer Experience

Depending on our client’s challenges and objectives, we aim to create partnerships to help achieve success.


Across different projects, a range of tools is utilised to measure:

  • Consumer/customer attitude and experience

  • Market segmentation based on attitude, usage or life stage

  • Product and service experience and advocacy

  • Lifecycle modelling

  • Channel and distribution strategy  

  • Social trend identification

  • Brand positioning and strategy. 


For further information, contact one of our specialists below.

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