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Corporate Planning
& Business Strategy

Focused on supporting the realisation of value, our business, financial, and economic modelling team provide insightful and evidence-based analysis and strategy for your newly established or evolving organisation, business, or service.  

From the evaluation of investment options as part of asset acquisition/ due diligence programs to pricing, revenue and funding strategies our knowledgeable and practical team can assist with the following services:  


  • Asset Management Planning

  • Benchmarking & Comparative Assessment

  • Business & Asset Valuation 

  • Capital Planning & Prioritisation 

  • Community, Consumer, Customer & Corporate Sentiment  

  • Corporate & Operational Planning 

  • Corporate Structure & Strategy Advice 

  • Corporate Transactions & Restructures 

  • Demand Assessments

  • Due Diligence 

  • Financial Sustainability Reviews & Planning

  • Governance & Implementation Planning

  • Infrastructure & Population Planning

  • Lobbying & Advocacy

  • Marketing & Branding Strategy

  • Pricing & Revenue Strategies

  • Property Divestment/Acquisition Management

  • Regulatory & Legislative Reviews

  • Socio-Demographic & Population Projections

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