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Asset & Services Sustainability 

The heart of our approach is to provide our clients with insightful and evidence-based information to enable a full understanding of the whole-of-life costs of the infrastructure and assets being managed. Meaningful decisions can only be made when the long run yield and financial sustainability of the organisation or business is fully understood.  

Our industry specialists are committed to partnering with our clients to provide accurate and timely advice which maximises benefits to business operations, minimises capital investment and the ongoing cost of new projects and operations, and balances the risk of investments and service delivery. 


Our Asset & Service Sustainability team includes specialists in the following services:  


  • Benchmarking & Comparative Assessment

  • Asset Management Planning

  • Benchmarking & Comparative Assessment

  • Business & Asset Valuation 

  • Business & Operational Efficiency Reviews 

  • Business Case Writing

  • Capital Planning & Prioritisation 

  • Community, Consumer, Customer & Corporate Sentiment  

  • Corporate & Operational Planning 

  • Demand Assessments

  • Development Feasibility

  • Due Diligence 

  • Financial Feasibility Assessment

  • Financial Sustainability Reviews & Planning

  • Governance & Implementation Planning

  • Grant & Funding Submissions

  • Highest & Best Use Analysis

  • Lobbying & Advocacy

  • Pricing & Revenue Strategies

  • Property Divestment/Acquisition Management

  • Regulatory & Legislative Reviews

  • Service Reviews

  • Socio-Demographic & Population Projections

For further information, contact one of our specialists below.

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