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Economic Impact Assessment for Stadiums Queensland

Client: Stadiums Queensland

State: QLD

Since 2020, AEC has been partnering with Stadiums Queensland (SQ) to conduct an economic impact assessment (EIA) for the nine venues operated by the organisation on an annual basis (2020 to 2023). AEC is currently undertaking the 2023 EIA which will be based on expenditure data captured via intercept surveys with patron.

Participating stadiums include:

  • The Cbus Stadium

  • The Suncorp Stadium

  • The Gabba

  • The Queensland Country Bank Stadium

The assessment used Input-Output (IO) modelling to assess the economic contribution delivered by the venues to the Queensland economy. To understand the magnitude of the contribution to the economy, the EIA was based on an aggregate of SQ activity, encompassing:

  • Capital works and upgrades

  • Operations

  • Hosting event activity, and

  • Patron spend activity.

The EIA reported on the number of full time equivalent (FTE) jobs supported, as well as the wages and salaries paid (directly and through Type I and Type II flow-on activity) in Queensland as a result of SQ’s activities. AEC also reported on the output generated / supported for Queensland businesses and estimated Gross State Product (GSP) for the year (including direct and flow-on activity).

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