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Resources Energy & Infrastructure

The mining, resources and energy sectors have contributed more than 12% to Australia’s Gross Domestic Product in recent years, highlighting the sectors are critical drivers of Australia’s current and future economic progress and development.

The socio-economic and environmental issues surrounding mining and resources use resonate with the broader community now more than ever before from the towns where the resources are located to regional agricultural communities where water availability is vital to their livelihood to Australia’s largest cities that are powered by and consume the outputs from our resources and energy sectors.


Understanding the dynamics and socio-economic levers that engage these sectors and their communities is important to planning future regional and national landscapes this is where AEC is able to assist your sector and/ or community.


The services we offer: 


  • Business & Operational Efficiency Reviews 

  • Business Case Writing

  • Community, Consumer, Customer & Corporate Sentiment  

  • Demand Assessments

  • Economic & Industry Development Strategy

  • Economic Impact Assessment

  • Financial Sustainability Reviews & Planning

  • Governance & Implementation Planning

  • Lobbying & Advocacy

  • Market Analysis & Outlook Reporting 

  • Marketing & Branding Strategy

  • Regulatory & Legislative Reviews

  • Employment & Skills Strategy

For further information, contact one of our specialists below.

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