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We help our clients to clearly understand the financial implications of policy and project decisions.


In an environment of increasing scrutiny, businesses and organisations must ensure they undertake thorough evaluations to inform all financial and non-financial decisions. Our finance team delivers strategic business insight and has the capability, capacity and experience to deliver practical and meaningful outcomes for both public and private sector organisations.


In formulating these strategies, we ensure appropriate consideration is given to the implications of market, policy and organisational changes on each organisation, its stakeholders and its customers.


We understand financial evaluations of business propositions and major projects must go beyond a simple review of a set of numbers. We source industry best practice outcomes, test all assumptions, run scenarios and provide detailed information on stakeholder impacts both at individual and aggregated levels. We also maintain a suite of models and financial sustainability tools to assist you in securing your organisation’s financial future.


Our industry specialists are committed to partnering with our clients to provide accurate and timely advice, which maximises benefits to business operations, projects and investments.


What makes us different is our commitment to assisting our clients beyond the modelling and report-writing phases of a normal consultancy via effective strategic guidance and implementation assistance.


Cockburn commissioned a comprehensive validation of the economics of amalgamation and disaggregation from AEC providing in turn a very short time frame on which to deliver a review of considerable data. Cockburn believes the outcomes of the final report were excellent and confirm the ideas that the current proposal for LG Reform in WA are financially sound. This conclusion was drawn and confirmed from the excellent work done by AEC.

City of Cockburn

Director, Finance & Corporate Services

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Data to Inform:

  • Financial Performance

  • Revenue Structure

  • Cost Structure

  • Demand Profile

  • Capital Expenditure Program

  • Socio-Demographics

  • Industry

Analysis for Evidence & Strategic Insight:

  • Financial Modelling

  • Project Evaluation

  • Feasibility & Business Cases

  • Revenue Strategies

  • Business Planning

  • Benchmarking

  • Due Diligence

  • Business Valuation

  • Financial Compliance

Strategic Guidance Supporting our Specialist Markets:

  • Agriculture & Resources

  • Regional Development

  • Property, Planning & Development

  • Financial Strategy

  • Government Services

  • Tourism, Hospitality & Leisure

  • Market & Social Research

  • Design & Visual Communications

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