Strategic Finance

Our Strategic Finance team delivers strategic business insights and have the capability, capacity and experience to deliver practical and meaningful outcomes for both public and private sector organisations. What makes us different is our commitment to assisting our clients beyond the modelling and report-writing phases of a normal consultancy via effective strategic guidance and implementation assistance. The team specialises in asset management planning, long term financial planning, business and service reviews and pricing strategies. Our industry specialists are committed to partnering with our clients to provide accurate and timely advice, which maximises benefits to business operations, projects and investments.

What makes us different?

  • We are driven to achieve practical solutions within a best practice framework.

  • We source industry best practice outcomes, exhaustively test all assumptions, run scenarios and provide detailed information on stakeholder impacts both at individual and aggregated levels.

  • We focus on assisting clients beyond the typical modelling and report-writing phases of a consultancy to ensure effective strategy implementation and delivery of outcomes.

  • We are committed to partnering with businesses and organisations to make a difference.

Local Government Financial Sustainability

  • Local government reform advice

  • Long-term financial planning & modelling

  • Performance benchmarking

  • Best practice rating strategies

  • Developer contributions planning & modelling

  • Fees & charges determination

  • Plant/fleet reviews & hire rate calculation

  • Facility reviews and asset rationalisation

  • Corporate overhead allocation

  • Funding & subsidy applications

  • Integrated corporate & operational planning frameworks

  • Strategic asset management plans

  • Project & policy impact assessments

  • Contractual assessments & due diligence

  • Financial, regulatory & legislative compliance

  • Shared services & regional collaboration


Local Government Business Activities

  • Full cost pricing & activity based costing

  • Long-term financial planning & modelling

  • Performance benchmarking

  • Best practice revenue strategies & tariff structures

  • Business planning & performance assessments

  • Strategic operational & service reviews

  • Market analysis & demand forecasting

  • Impact assessment of proposed capital works

  • Due diligence & business valuation assessments

  • Business entity evaluation & establishment

Water, Sewerage and Waste

  • Two-part water tariffs

  • User pays pricing for sewerage & trade waste

  • Waste collection service pricing & landfill lifecycle costing

  • Impact assessment modelling from changes in charging structures

  • Long-term financial modelling & analysis

  • Price paths & dividend strategies

  • Regional water supply & waste management strategies

  • Business structure & institutional reform advice

  • Strategic policy review & development

  • Evaluation of waste collection & disposal scenarios

  • Waste management facility reviews

  • Due diligence assessments of waste contracts

  • Landfill rehabilitation provisions & liabilities

  • Financial, regulatory & legislative compliance


Policy and Project Evaluation & Feasibility

  • Financial modelling and assessment

  • Business cases

  • Feasibility assessment and options analysis

  • Scenario analysis and sensitivity testing

  • Risk assessment and management

  • Property development feasibility

  • Project financing and funding strategies

  • Discounted cash flow analysis

  • Stakeholder consultation

  • Government liaison and negotiation

We have developed a series of financial evaluation tools that allow us to assist our clients to operate their businesses with maximum efficiency and in a transparent manner. All of our models are constructed in a user friendly manner and are considered to be industry best practice. Our current model suite includes:



We also develop a large number of custom models each year to suit individual client needs. Through our modelling team, we are able to produce a unique solution to meet your requirements.

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