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Strategic Finance

Our Strategic Finance team provides a uniquely holistic approach to delivering insight through a comprehensive suite of business planning advisory research and modelling expertise and resources.


Our mission as your trusted advisor is to support you to make informed decisions regarding the long-term strategy and financial sustainability of your organisation and your operational assets.

What we do: 


Financial Sustainability

Long term financial planning is a crucial component to provide the strategic direction and policy platform on which to guide your investment decisions and resource allocations.

Revenue & Cost Management Strategies

The efficient and effective management of resource allocation is essential to ensure a financially sustainable outcome. The pressure to maintain or grow services at an appropriate level and to identify resources to meet other corporate objectives increases year on year.

Asset Management Planning

The integration of long-term financial plans with asset management plans is the key area of focus for improvement to enhance capital and operational efficiency. Full integration of long-term financial planning places councils in the best position to allocate resources effectively and to provide a demonstrable platform to secure grant and borrowing needs.

Service & Business Reviews

Continual improvement in community-facing as well as internal service delivery is an integral part of ensuring that service levels are appropriate and service and business operations are running as efficiently as possible.


We are able to work with you in undertaking service assessment and options analysis as well as developing and providing financial and pricing models that support business decision making.

Pricing & Costing Models

One of our key strengths is our ability to develop financial assessment modelling tools for the specific requirements of different industry sectors. We have developed a range of inhouse proprietary models to support local and state government and enterprise financial sustainability.

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