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Economic advisory has never been more important in our modern-day society, it shapes and drives decisions in our everyday life. Our approach is to provide you with commercial outcome driven advice that helps uncover valuable insights for future investment opportunities.

What we do: 


Economic Impact Modelling

Demonstrate the size of the economic impact or contribution of your sector or project to the regional economy including jobs, wages, taxes paid and GRP through Input-Output or Computable General Equilibrium modelling.


Cost-Benefit Analysis

Determine the relative trade-off between costs and benefits of a policy change or project against a baseline of what would happen without the project, including consideration of environmental social, financial, community and economic impacts.


Socio-Demographic Projections

Understand how your local areas social make up is anticipated to change into the future to inform infrastructure planning.


Economic Projections

Uncover at a detailed industry level the forward growth expectations and associated supply chain requirements for your project.


Econometric Projections

Inform sectoral and population growth expectations, grounded in and bounded by historical trends and leading forward indicators.


Supply Chain Analysis

Recognise the structure of your local sector to sector transactions and identify any areas or opportunities for import replacement and efficiency.


Labour & Skills Analysis

Analyse the current position, future needs and associated gaps in your region to take advantage of changing economic environments.


Opportunity Analysis

Understand the current and potential future development opportunities in your local area.

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