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Economic Analysis for Grant Submissions

Client: Bundaberg Regional Council

State: QLD

AEC were engaged to develop economic analysis to support funding submissions for four separate projects. Three of the projects were designed to improve road safety and efficiency and involved developing costs benefit analyses outlining the net benefits/ costs of the projects to the region.

These projects included:

  • An upgrade of a timber, single lane bridge to a dual lane box culvert concrete bridge.

  • Development of a dedicated parking area along the Bruce Highway north of the Gin Gin township to reduce the number of heavy vehicles parking on the shoulder of the Bruce Highway.

  • An upgrade of a complicated 5-way intersection north of Childers.

In addition to the three road/ bridge projects, AEC provided an impact assessment of developing Stage 1 of the Bundaberg Recreation Precinct Master Plan - An enhancement to the entrance of the precinct that will significantly improve the functionality of the precinct.


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