Property Advisory

Powerful evidence-based insight is the cornerstone of our Property Advisory team.


AEC is an advisor of choice for all sectors of the property planning and development industry across Australia. Using our combined expertise in economics finance market research and planning we have supported our clients (private and government) as they navigate a complexity of property issues to achieve tangible outcomes.


We work closely with our clients to plan for and assess the feasibility of development understand where the ‘value’ in the project is vested and develop implementation and funding strategies including the identification and assessment of key risks and recommendations. We have considerable experience in carrying out economic analyses to support strategic land use and growth planning to assist planning authorities (both State and Local).


We believe that plans and policies should have an economic overlay and be ‘tested’ to better understand how they might accommodate future growth and evolve as property needs change.


Our team can provide evidence-based strategic advice and prepare comprehensive business case documents to facilitate discussions and help you make informed decisions for your property-related projects.