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We believe the key outcome to be targeted from regional development initiatives is the creation of new investment opportunities and jobs.

When done well, regional development has the potential to enhance the wellbeing of an entire community.

AEC’s Regional Development team is focused on working with our clients to create an environment where businesses, entrepreneurs and investors can realise opportunities and contribute to the vision for the future for regional communities.


AEC is proud to be at the forefront of delivering solutions for job creation and investment opportunities across Australia. Our successful track record demonstrates our outcome driven approach and commitment to on-ground change. We combine detailed evidence-based analysis with strategic insight to deliver jobs and investment outcomes. This is achieved through our commitment to customised, sustainable, regional development programs. Your aspirations are our goal from which development strategies are formed.


AEC’s approach centres on a partnership approach with our clients.


Regional development relates to a diverse mix of activities and markets that align well with our diverse areas of specialist market expertise. These range from tourism, to agriculture, to property to financial feasibility and funding for infrastructure and service delivery.


These outcomes are delivered through the provision of the following headline services:


AEC completed a highly professional Information Memorandum for the sale of our ship repair facility. They researched potential purchasers throughout Australia and overseas, produced a superb web based sales platform and advised on the sale process in a highly professional manner. The results speak for themselves.

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Economic Research & Analysis:

  • Economic & Industry Profiles

  • Data Collection & Analysis

  • Modelling & Forecasting

Evidence to Drive Change:

  • Implementation Assistance

  • Cost Benefit & Economic Impact Assessment

  • Business Case Development

  • Marketing Collateral Development

  • Keynote Presentations

Strategy Development:

  • Economic & Tourism Development Strategies

  • Investment Attraction Strategies

  • Advocacy Planning

  • Lead Generation Programs

  • International Relations Strategies

  • Workforce Development Strategies

AEC also maintains a global network of strategic partnerships, which gives us the opportunity to further tailor our solutions to meet your needs in the following areas:

  • Place Making

  • Community & Social Planning

  • Precinct/ Location Based Master Planning

  • Scenario Planning

  • Community Engagement

  • Strategic Planning

  • Digital Economy Planning

Outcome Driven Projects:

Perth & Peel Economic Development Strategy & Infrastructure Plan

Australian Government


This project sought to identify and communicate the benefits involved with the delivery of a suite of game changing nation building and regionally significant projects for the Perth and Peel Region.  The study area comprised 34 local government areas and six sub regions.  It has been the subject of extensive state planning for many years.  This study did not attempt to re-prioritise existing and committed initiatives, rather identify those development initiatives and infrastructure that will deliver the ‘next wave’ of jobs growth and business investment in the region.  The initiatives ranged from new port and logistics hubs to peri-urban development and common user ICT precincts.

G21 Geelong Region Economic Development Strategy

G21 Regional Alliance


The G21 Region comprises The City of Greater Geelong, Surf Coast Shire, Colac-Otway Shire, Golden Plains Shire and the Borough of Queenscliffe. To grow the G21 region into the future, a coordinated and evidence-based set of development plans are needed, with particular attention paid to the use of available land and the development of necessary skills. Providing appropriate avenues for growth in the region will help ensure prosperity and quality of life for residents. Five ‘game changing’ initiatives are identified within the strategy. These initiatives promote core competitive economic advantages of the region and leverage key infrastructure assets between G21s sub-regions. The strategy will be delivered in various stages focusing on innovation, workforce development, investment attraction and infrastructure.

Albury Nexus Investment Attraction Program

Albury City Council


AEC was part of a project team headed by EDAW/AECOM to develop a Master Plan for the establishment and development of a large scale heavy industrial estate (Nexus Albury) 10kms north of Albury. As part of the Master Plan, AEC developed an investment attraction program for Nexus Albury. The project included identification of the unique competitive advantages of the area and key strategic assets, as well as a full examination of the labour force within Albury to identify clustering opportunities. AEC also undertook an evaluation of upstream and downstream linkages within the various identified industrial sectors on a regional, state and national level.

The investment attraction program detailed the marketing material necessary to effectively promote the opportunities available at Nexus Albury.  The program also included specific and practical activities to market the property to specific target audiences as well as actions to facilitate investment and new jobs into the region.  This program provided a very specific set of marketing activities and a suggested budget to carry them out.

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