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Residential Attraction Strategy

Client: Southern Downs Regional Council

State: QLD

The Southern Downs has seen strong population growth in recent years. The region recorded a 44.0% increase in capital city to regional migration in the March 2021 quarter, the second largest growth in Australia. The strong growth indicates an appreciation for the lifestyle offered by the Southern Downs, it’s relaxed and beautiful public realm, and good access to services. 


The Southern Downs Residential Attraction Strategy, developed by AEC in collaboration with the Southern Downs Regional Council, aims to guide the region towards increased residential population over the next five years. The strategy seeks to attract people to the Southern Downs region by increasing economic growth and the liveability of towns and communities as well as increasing awareness of the region. 


In developing this strategy, AEC brought our intimate understanding of the region as well as our skills, experience, and expertise to deliver unparalleled outcomes for the Southern Downs. AEC undertook extensive data analysis to create an evidence-based understanding of the region. This was supplemented by extensive stakeholder engagement to develop an in-depth understanding of the region and the opportunities for residential and business attraction and retention. AEC brought these elements together to create a public facing strategy for residential attraction supported with a detailed action plan for Council. 


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