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North QLD Water Infrastructure Authority, Hells Gates Dam Supply Chain Analysis

Client: North QLD Water Infrastructure Authority

State: QLD

The Hells Gates Dam Scheme (HGDS) Supply Chain Assessment examined the nature and timing of the skills and occupational needs over the 7-10 year construction program of the $3.5-$5.0 billion Hells Gates Dam Scheme on behalf of the Australian Governments North Queensland Water Infrastructure Authority.

Detailed analysis was undertaken for each of the 19 infrastructure elements across the work packages involved to identify and quantify the number of different trades and skills required and how many could reasonably be expected to be sourced from North Queensland. For those sectors and occupations anticipated to be under stress as a result of the project, innovative strategies were developed to assist in realising as many local jobs were delivered. The project included an extensive engagement campaign with local businesses to understand their readiness and preparedness to participate in the delivery of the HGDS should it proceed.


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