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Edward RC Financial Sustainability Review

Client: Edward River Council

State: NSW

The objective of the Financial Sustainability Review was to facilitate sustainable long-term planning and avert potential issues emerging in the future. The project's highlight was its ability to provide the council with a thorough understanding of past performance and a forecast of the Council’s capacity to maintain fiscal capital (access to cash) and maintain infrastructure (assets). The project included an assessment of the asset management maturity and testing the estimated infrastructure backlog and asset maintenance targets. AEC developed strategies and recommendations to the Council to address areas that required improvement to ensure financial sustainability in the long term.

The project involved a thorough analysis of the Council's cost of services, capital works planning, asset management approach, risks, and opportunities. This analysis offered a clear and comprehensive picture of the Council's financial position, and identified areas where improvements could be made. The project considered Council's long-term strategic plans and how they align with their financial projections, ensuring integration of financial planning with strategic planning, enabling Council to achieve the Community Strategic Plan and other adopted strategies and plans.

The success of the project was highlighted by the appreciation and compliments provided by the Councillors and the Executive Team, and we look forward to monitoring the realisation of the project through implementation of our recommendations.



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