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Tuesday 28 June saw the first release of the ABS 2021 Census

With a focus on key population data, this initial release includes information based around place of enumeration (where you were on Census night) and place of usual residence (where you normally live).

Access the data topics of the 2021 Census uploaded to DataAU that includes:

  • Census Population by Age and Sex

  • Indigenous Population by Age and Sex

  • ATSI

  • Highest Year of Schooling PoUR (Place of usual residence)

  • Type of Education Institution Attending

  • Country of Birth

  • Family Composition

  • Dwelling Structure

  • Household Composition

  • Personal Income

  • Household Income

These are now accessible by logging in to your account at With a phased release of the 2021 Census, DataAU will continue to make updates available to users as they are released, with Tranche 2 being released by the ABS in October, 2022.

Stay tuned for additional data as we work hard to ensure quality data and insight is at your fingertips.


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