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My Fortress Vanishing Advisors: Successful digital lead generation campaign

Client: MyFortress

State: QLD

My Fortress approached AEC to create a strategic digital campaign to help capture and stimulate interest in their financial advice practice over a six-month period.

With the Royal Commission continuing to shine light on the four big banks and AMP in Australia, companies subsequently started to reduce or close their financial advisory divisions. This gave My Fortress a window of opportunity to put the business forward as one of the leading companies left that was still giving out best practice financial advice consultations.

AEC conducted a display and search campaign to drive customers to the website to book a financial advisory consultation, below highlights the steps and work undertaken.

Objective: Drive and attract new customers to the My Fortress website and secure new clients through online consultation bookings.

Behavioural target message:

AEC concentrated the message on the current problem that although the big banks around Australia are losing their financial advisors, My Fortress specialises in giving face to face financial advice and are here to stay.

“Has your financial advisor disappeared?”

The display messaging was short and straight to the point, consequently 402 people found the adverts engaging enough to click through achieving a 0.17% click through rate, higher than the national average (average CTR 0.136%).

Retargeted behavioural message:

Financial advice is considered a high-value purchase, which was crucial to consider when planning the campaign. In order to create a greater cut through with new customers AEC implemented a retargeted messaging component.

The retargeted behavioral display ads were serviced to customers who had already visited the My Fortress website, to try and reengage the customer on their buying journey. As part of the My Fortress suite of services, the company hosts fortnightly financial seminars as part of their commitment to continuing financial education within local communities. To help capture new customers through the retargeting advertisements, AEC implemented a further call to action on the second landing page, giving potential customers the chance to instead register to attend a free seminar. This successfully resonated with 23 customers who went on to instead register for the free seminar first as their first step with engaging with the brand.

Hard Conversion: 3 appointment bookings

Soft Conversion: 23 bookings for My Fortresses free financial advice seminars

Search performance overview

The objective of the search advertisement was to make sure the brand was visible under relevant keyword searches in order to help convert leads when potential customers were ready to engage with the My Fortress brand. The search campaign successfully delivered 329 customers to the My Fortress website and achieved 20 conversions.

The My Fortress Vanishing advisors’ campaign effectively gained 23 new clients for the brand and 23 soft leads via the My Fortress seminars. The campaign highlighted consumers are still actively looking and concerned on the best way to take control of their finances, which is a promising trend for financial services industry. However, it is important to understand that purchase consideration and buyer’s behavior for premium services can be difficult when trying to drive new conversions and leads. It is vital to understand each brands customer journey in order to influence the buyers purchase choice further down the funnel, whether that is through additional content marketing, client testimonials or soft lead conversions.

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