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Maranoa Community & Development Plan

Client: Maranoa Regional Council

State: QLD

AEC worked with Maranoa Regional Council to guide Council’s actions towards achieving sustainable economic outcomes, through the development of a Business and Industry Development Plan and Implementation Plan. AEC undertook a socio-economic analysis of the region, built on existing Council documents to form a vision and strategic initiatives, and developed actions and target measures for implementation of the strategy.

Opportunities identified for Maranoa’s industries include horticulture utilising coal seam gas water, productivity enhancement through innovation and technology, industry linked tourism experiences, coal seam gas and coal mining, alternative power, electrical storage, game meat processing, re-emergence of sheep production, targeted tourism and expanded use of Roma airport and linking services. Key outcomes targeted were the attraction of new business, support of existing business, attraction of people, leveraging of assets, development of skills and building of community partnerships.


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