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Mackay Libraries Strategic Plan

Client: Mackay Council

State: QLD

Council required a renewed strategic planning process that would provide clear direction and focus for the library service and support the prioritisation of resource allocation based on the expectations and needs of the Mackay Region’s community.

The primary purpose of the Strategy was to: • Provide broad observations on the local, regional, national and global trends in the provision of library services; • Consider the input and feedback received from the Mackay community and staff on future library needs; and • To identify any key gaps and initiatives to focus on over the next five years.

The first part of the Strategy provided information about the Mackay community, library sector trends and how the library service was performing currently. The second part described the opportunities for the library service with a final part providing a suggested strategic framework that described key themes and activities.

Professional standards and benchmarks, including National and State data were used to identify gaps in service provision and create tactics to improve them, thereby reducing the risk of services becoming out of step with their communities and unable to meet demand.


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