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Introducing the AEC Service Planning Toolkit

The Service Planning Toolkit supports councils in understanding how well theirservices are performing and whether they are meeting their community’s needs.It provides an evidence-based level of service assessment tool that can costeffectively guide a Council in determining where investment in its services isneeded and where efficiencies can be made.

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A key part of the Service Planning Toolkit relies on comparing a Council’s services to other peer councils which share similar socio-demographic geographic and service profile characteristics.


In doing this a Council can develop targeted evidence based and objective-driven service review programs.


The Service Planning Toolkit supports the achievement of these outcomes by providing decision making insight for Councillors and Executives through a simple four-step process:


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The Service Planning Toolkit also has reporting capabilities to ensure that results are visualised on an intuitive dashboard can be easily filtered and provide the ability to drill down to examine the results in more detail.

Benefits for Benchmark Partners


The benefits of participating in the Benchmarking Step include:


  • Minimising the impact on managers by providing easy template-based data capture and the ability to collect service information online including bulk upload

  • Access to the anonymised results

  • A secure online system enabling controlled access to your data and information (only you can see your Council’s information)


Once completed with some investment benchmark partners are able to undertake the full service review process and develop your own Service Catalogue and Service Review prioritisation using the same results gathered for the benchmark exercise.

If you are interested in learning more about the Service Planning Toolkit please contact AEC on 1300 799 343 or


For further information, contact one of our specialists below.

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