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Toowoomba Hall Options Demand

Client: Savills Australia

State: QLD

AEC was engaged by Savills Australia to examine a range of potential uses of the Toowoomba Soldier’s Memorial Hall (the Site), to meet demand from the local resident population. The assessment was undertaken in consideration of the population’s age structure and other socio-demographic factors in the area, and the resultant demand for community services and facilities. Focus areas examined for the Site included childcare, community, tertiary education, health and arts.

In conducting this assessment, a simple three stage approach was followed: (1) Identification of the primary and comparison catchments, and profiling for all catchment areas to confirm comparability in terms of socio-demographic structure; (2) benchmarking assessment of the comparison areas against the primary catchment to identify gaps in community service provision in the catchment specifically aligned to the socio-demographic composition of the region; (3) consideration of the findings from Stage 2 against the floorplan and layout of the Site to identify activities which could reasonably be accommodated by the Site. The study revealed the services which may be appropriate uses for development at the Site (and hence should be investigated further) include childcare; an actors, dancers and other entertainers studio; fashion, industrial and jewellery design studio; sports/ physical recreation clubs; tutors and co-working spaces.


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