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Southern Downs Invasive Pest Control Scheme Evaluation

Client: Southern Downs Regional Council

State: QLD

Southern Downs Regional Council engaged AEC to deliver a Triple Bottom Line impact assessment of the current Invasive Pest Control Scheme in the Southern Downs region. Key aspects of the assessment included:

  • An overview of the Southern Downs agricultural industry.

  • Qualitative and quantitative impacts (economic, environmental and social) of the top five most prevalent invasive pests.

  • A review of the invasive Pest Control Scheme including the scheme's financial performance over the years of operation.

  • Engagement with landholders, Local Government Association Queensland, Department of Local Government, Racing and Multicultural Affairs QLD and the Queensland Treasury Corporation to consider their views of success of the Invasive Pest Control Scheme, tripple bottom line benefits and potential areas for improvement.

  • Future projections of impacted land in the Southern Downs over a low, medium and high scenario with and without the IPCS.

  • A cost-benefit assessment of the Invasive Pest Control Scheme, with a qualitative write up of costs and benefits not included.

  • Identified opportunities for the potential improvement of the scheme.


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