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Industry Sector Profiles - Agribusiness and Defence Support

Client: Liverpool City Council

State: NSW

In 2018 AEC updated Liverpool City Council’s updated Economic Development Strategy, Investment Profile and Economic Profile documentation. Since the release of these documents, State government strategies identified two additional industry sectors (Agribusiness and Defence) which are opportunities for New South Wales as a whole. Council engaged AEC to expand Council’s industry profiling to include these industries.

AEC focused on providing an understanding of the existing industry within the Liverpool LGA as well as potential businesses in these industries’ supply chains. The industry profiles included:

  • Discussion of the potential implications for the local region of these two sectors.

  • Estimation of employment and Gross Vale Add in these sectors.

  • Identification of local businesses who are able support the future development of these sectors.

  • Comparison of the local industry to that of South West subregion, Western Sydney, Sydney SD and New South Wales.

  • Summarise the outcomes for the project in a document which is appropriate for dissemination to media.


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