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Gosford Regional Library Business Plan and Financial Model

Client: Central Coast Council

State: NSW

AEC was engaged by Central Coast Council to develop a five-year Business Plan for the proposed new four-storey Gosford Regional Library (GRL), including operational model, budget, staffing and sources of revenue. In particular, the Business Plan was developed to articulate the operating model including:

  • Operating hours that met community needs for different spaces within the building.

  • Exploring possible solutions to integrate traditional library operations with other co-located functions within the building.

  • Exploring technology options that were capable of being integrated o best meet the needs of different users.

  • Estimating the expected growth in income from the Library and Innovation space operations.

  • Examining national and international contemporary and best practice library models' that could be incorporated into GRL operations.

The five-year budget for the GRL included:

  • The ongoing cost to Council to run a state-of-the-art Regional Library.

  • Projected income generate from meeting rooms. function spaces, recording studio, workspaces, and marker/creator spaces.

  • Proposed fees and charges for hired spaces.

  • Determining the level and skill mix of the staffing levels required for the GRL.

The major focus for the GRL was to provide the community with a customer-focused service with positive social and community benefits, and to explore the potential for additional sources of revenue. The Business Plan articulated:

  • Options to maximise the current and future needs of the community within the operations of the GRL.

  • Possible models for meeting spaces, ensuring the balance between community needs and capitalising on market opportunities.

  • Other feasible and appropriate options.

Source: AEC

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