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Snowy Monaro Regional Council - Financial Sustainability Review

Client: Snowy Monaro Regional Council

State: NSW

AEC was engaged by Council to undertake an independent financial sustainability review of the Council. On completion of the project Council resolved to accept the 24 recommendations provided by AEC, including preparing a revised Long Term Financial Plan, Asset Management Strategy and Workforce Management Strategy and submitting an expression of interest to IPART for a special rate variation application to significantly increase the general rates.

AEC provided the following as the project deliverables:

  • Overview of the historical and current financial performance.

  • Development of an independent forecast of 10 year forward financial statements and reserve balances.

  • Overview of the current services and adopted strategies and plans for future provision of services.

  • Review of the financial impact of the Snowy Mountains Special Activation Precinct.

  • Review of the sustainability of operational activities from the current revenue base.

  • Review of the asset management approach and capital works plan.

  • Benchmarking with other Group 4 Councils.

  • Development of external fact sheets and community engagement.

  • Stakeholder engagement with OLG and other key stakeholders.

  • Final Report and External Fact Sheet on key findings.

Source: AEC


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