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Financial Sustainability Review & SRV Process

Client: Dubbo Regional Council

State: NSW

The Dubbo Regional Council (Council) is a local government area located in the Central West and Oranga regions of New South Wales. In recent financial years, Council has reported consolidated new operating deficits for three prior financial years (2019/20, 2020,21 and 2021/22) and adopted a budget for 2022/23 with a net operating deficit. Underlying the consolidated net operating deficits were significant operating deficits in the General Fund - which includes all services other than those funded by the Water Fund and Sewer Fund.


AEC was commissioned to undertake an urgent and independent review of the financial sustainability of the Council. AEC provided Council the findings of the review and provided effective strategies to improve the Council's financial sustainability and compliance with the Local Government Act 1993.


AEC addressed Council's past financial performance and their current financial position, reviewed the costs of services in liaison with respective service managers, conducted a review of the forward plans, with a focus on asset management, and identified the implications on the long-term financial plan. From this, developed AEC developed an independent forecast of Council's forward financial position and presented strategic options for Council to improve its projected position and long-term sustainability.


Furthermore, a comprehensive review of the current Resourcing Strategies, which encompassed the Council's Long-term Financial Plan, Strategic Asset Management Plan, and Workforce Plan, was conducted. This review generated recommendations aimed at enhancing future performance and ensuring alignment among these strategies as well as with other existing Council strategies and plans.


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