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Employee Engagement Survey

Client: Aqwest

State: QLD

Aqwest has been servicing the people of Bunbury for over 100 years and is responsible for the delivery of high quality and sustainable water services to approximately 17,000 properties in the City of Bunbury.

Aqwest commissioned an Employee Engagement Survey (EES) to measure employee perceptions of leadership, relationships, motivation, engagement, and overall satisfaction with Aqwest as an employer. Results from the survey will provide insights into motivating and engage staff to perform their best at work each day. More specifically, the study objectives included:

  • Employee profile including age, gender and length and tenure at Aqwest.

  • Perceptions across various aspects including strategy and leadership, communication, innovation and growth, work and life balance, and working environment at Aqwest.

  • Satisfaction with Aqwest as employer, overall job satisfaction and recommending Aqwest as an employer.

Quantitative online research methodology was adopted to appropriately target employees across various divisions and involved the following processes:

  • Communication plan: to engage with employees prior to AEC approaching them.

  • Reminder emails: three (3) reminder emails over a period of three weeks to boost response rates.

  • Online surveys: online surveys administered with employees achieving a 95% response rate.

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