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Edward River Growth Strategy 2050

Edward River, like many regions across Australia, has seen population decline in recent years. Edward River Council seeks to not only arrest this decline, but to expand rapidly over the coming decades, to more than double their population by 2050.

The Edward River 2050 Fast Track for Growth Strategy, developed by AEC in collaboration with Edward River Council and iPlan Projects, aims to guide the region to see population growth over the coming decades. The strategy provides a pipeline of realistic and achievable opportunities that enhances liveability, activates new industries, expands upon pre-exiting strengths, and drives the attraction of visitors/ tourists.

In developing this strategy, AEC leveraged our intimate understanding of the region as well as our skills, experience, and expertise to deliver unparalleled outcomes for the Edward River. Edward River 2050 was developed through a process involving rigorous background research/ analysis and an extensive stakeholder consultation campaign. These formed the cornerstone of the strategy, providing valuable insights to deliver tailored opportunities for Edward River. These opportunities are supported by a detailed implementation plan, that will act as a roadmap for Council, industry, regional organisations, and the community to synergise efforts and advance Edward River towards 2050.


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