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Economic Impact Assessment of Property Sector 2019

AEC has been providing assessments of the economic contribution of the property sector for the Property Council of Australia (PCA) for over a decade. We were most recently engaged to provide an assessment of the contribution in 2020, examining the contribution for the 2018-19 financial year. This project involved assessing the contribution of the property industry to the Australian economy, as well as in each State/ Territory, Federal Electorate, State Electorate and local government area. The economic contribution was measured in terms of contribution to GDP/ GSP/ GRP, employment, wages and salaries and taxes in 2018-19. The analysis also provided comparison to the property industry's contribution to the national and State/ Territory economies each year since 2006-07.

The contribution of the property industry to GDP/ GSP/ GRP, employment and wages and salaries was undertaken using a significance model based on an input-output framework, which enabled analysis of both the direct and flow-on effects of the property industry within the national, State/ Territory, electorate and LGA economies.

The final outputs were compiled into one national report and eight reports covering each State/ Territory. Four page flyers were also developed for Australia and each State/ Territory, as well as every State and Federal electorate and LGA in Australia, for marketing purposes.


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