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Economic Data & Analysis

Client: Hobart City Council

State: TAS

The Greater Hobart area (comprising the local government areas of Brighton, Clarence, Glenorchy, Hobart and Kingborough in Tasmania) is a diverse region which has experienced considerable acceleration in population growth in recent years. Economic development of the region going forward will require the comprising Councils to work together to address key overarching regional issues and opportunities as well as those specific to each individual local government area.

To support the Councils in identifying their role(s) in the region’s future, AEC developed socio-economic profiles and opportunity assessments for the Greater Hobart area as well as each of the comprising municipalities. The profiling component included analysis of a broad range of publicly available datasets as well as guidance on the potential future economic structure (employment and Gross Regional Product) of Greater Hobart (and the comprising municipalities) using AEC’s Macro Economic Growth Model. AEC also developed and implemented an online business survey with an aim to increase engagement from the local business community.

AEC’s desktop opportunity assessment method was refined through on-ground stakeholder engagement within Greater Hobart and resulted in the development of prioritised economic opportunities (and potential action plans) for Greater Hobart and each local government area. These economic opportunities are anticipated to support each Council’s economic development activities in the coming years.


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