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Bundaberg Hotel Demand Assessment

The local government area of Bundaberg is situated within the Wide Bay-Burnett region of Queensland. Bundaberg is currently benefiting from a number of tailwinds including strong visitation numbers, low levels of residential vacancy, a growing population base and significant current/ proposed infrastructure investment. Despite the many positive attributes benefitting the region, there has been an observable lack of investment with respect to the delivery of new short-term stay/ hotel accommodation.

In order to assist Bundaberg Regional Council with better understanding the existing barriers to entry for hotel development, they engaged AEC Group.

The purpose of the report was to provide a detailed assessment of the hotel market within Bundaberg and identify future demand for hotel accommodation within the region. The assessment considered all aspects of the Bundaberg hotel market, including the broader tourism market within the region, factors influencing the demand and supply of hotels, and relevant case studies of markets in other jurisdictions.

Also forming part of the project were a series of presentations to both Councilors and prospective developers/investors, market engagement with local proponents, real estate agents and developers and the preparation of a hotel investment prospectus.


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