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Borroloola Economic Study

Client: McArthur River Mine Community Benefits Trust

State: NT

AEC was engaged by Plan C, on behalf of the McArthur River Mine Community Benefits Trust (CBT) to undertake an economic study of the Borroloola Township in the Northern Territory to understand the potential current and future demand for services, to assist CBT in identifying future development priorities for the region. An initial assessment of the Township was developed, utilising AEC's proprietary Data Processing System (DPS), which houses an extensive array of socio-economic and demographic data. Indicators relating to population, age and gender structure, indigenous representation, labour force breakdown, life expectancy and employment by industry and occupation were assessed to gain background context of the township and broader region. To identify service areas of under-representation which might present opportunities for development in the short term, an assessment of the current service provision of Borroloola compared to a selection of Peer comparison areas was carried out. To identify where Borroloola may sit in the future relative to an aspiration level, a similar service provision assessment was carried out against identified comparative aspirational regions. This allowed identification of the range of services to be targeted and developed/ attracted to enhance liveability and vitality in the region over the medium-to-long term. Final considerations involved a sustainability analysis of current land use across various services into the future, to inform land decisions of the CBT. Recommendations for future development were subsequently endorsed by the CBT.


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