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Tourism Product Planning Success

The Victorian Government recently announced financial support for the planning of three tourism projects in the Daylesford & Macedon Ranges region. $195,000 was secured via the $103 million Regional Tourism Infrastructure Fund (RTIF). This announcement comes off the back of a Tourism Product Development Plan completed by AEC for Daylesford & Macedon Ranges Tourism (DMRT).

The three projects to which the funding for further planning will be applied include:

  • Development of a Mineral Springs Feasibility Master Plan.

  • A feasibility study to look at creating opera events on Lake Daylesford.

  • A feasibility study to identify the potential for a new health and wellness retreat.

AEC has also been appointed to undertake the feasibility study into the new health and wellness retreat. So there is a lot going on in this beautiful neck of the woods.

The Product Development Plan, delivered by AEC, as part of a broader Destination Management Plan (DMP), was developed in consultation with an extensive range of regional stakeholders. The plan identified new and existing visitor products and experiences, across diverse tourism zones throughout the region. The plan supports extended brand positioning to be more inclusive of other attributes of the region and appeal to a greater range of consumers, over broader visitation time frames and locations within the region.

The Product Development Plan seeks to leverage the existing regional strengths, while unlocking many of the regions additional attributes and expanding consumer awareness and access across the region.

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