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Waterloo Estate Redevelopment – Development Strategy and Feasibility Advice: Stages 1 – 3

Client: City of Sydney State: NSW

AEC was engaged by City of Sydney to develop a strategy that would create better place outcomes and enable a higher mix of social and affordable housing and reduced market housing for the Waterloo Estate. The strategy considered the feasibility of development and that various levers that could be used to extract value. As part of the review, AEC was asked to consider the viability and the impact of using Community Housing Providers as the lead developers to ensure that profits were used for purpose.

Our analysis included the following:

  • Feasibility modelling to address the optimisation of cash flow from the development vs. the optimisation of social housing output, with the development being structure to deliver the maximum number of social and affordable rental dwellings;

  • Delivery models including Development and Operating Corporations

  • Evaluation of different governance models for the delivery of the redevelopment.

AEC’s findings provided a basis to facilitate discussions between key stakeholders, with the ultimate aim of facilitating stakeholder consensus regarding the approach to be taken in the redevelopment of the Estate.

Source: City of Sydney


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