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Rookwood Weir Landholder Support and Grant Program

Client: Rockhampton Regional Council

State: QLD

AEC were engaged by Advance Rockhampton through a Sunwater grant to develop a suite of commodity outlook reports that provided an in-depth analysis of the global market, supply chain capacity/gaps and assess potential target crops in terms of profitability and sustainability to support new and existing agribusiness expansion/development opportunities for their production within Rookwood Weir’s catchment area and the available water to potential water licence holders.

AEC prepared detailed market outlooks using historical public and proprietary domestic and international crop data, analysis of, and direct engagement with key stakeholders including relevant industry associations in order to develop detailed farm level 3-way financial models and crop forecasts that incorporated supply growth and competitive positioning data from offshore competitors.

In the report, AEC considered various components including an overview of the global market, an overview of the Australia industry, detailed supply chain analysis and financial feasibility (including economic impact). AEC developed detailed reports for the following commodities:

  • Mandarins

  • Macadamias

  • Mangoes

  • Rotational Cropping (mungbeans, soybeans and chickpeas)

  • Corn

  • Wheat

These reports represent a comprehensive outlook for each of the industries and their viability in the Rookwood catchment. Since publication, the reports have been used as reference material for other Government agencies.


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