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Port of Mackay Industrial Demand Study

Client: North Queensland Bulk Ports Corporation

State: QLD

AEC were previously engaged by North Queensland Bulk Ports (NQBP) in 2015 to prepare an Industrial Lands Demand Study for the Port of Mackay. However, given the significantly changed market dynamic, NQBP engaged recently AEC to provide an updated report. Aspects of the demand study included:

  • Regional economic profile and outlook.

  • Analysis of Mackay’s current industrial land supply and projected future land demand.

  • Consideration of major projects with the potential to impact industrial land demand.

  • Engagement with estate agents and industry stakeholders to understand key trends in the market.

  • Demand projections and future recommendations for action.

The findings of the analysis will be used by NQBP to support future decision making regarding their industrial precinct.


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