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National Superyacht Industry Development Strategy

Client: Superyacht Australia

State: QLD

In 2016, AEC quantified the significant economic contribution of the Superyacht sector to the Queensland and Australian economies. This ground breaking report led to the development of the Queensland Superyacht Industry Development Strategy 2018-2023, which was launched recently by Minister for State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning (The Honourable Cameron Dick) at the Australian Superyacht & Marine Export Conference at the Gold Coast. Implementation of the Queensland Superyacht Strategy will be led by the Member for Cairns, Michael Healy. AEC is currently working with Superyacht Australia on the development of a national superyacht industry development strategy, following detailed industry engagements throughout core superyacht activity areas around Australia.

The priorities outlined in the superyacht strategy include working with the Federal Government and industry to:

  • Deliver clear policy settings

  • Promote infrastructure to facilitate industry growth,

  • Promote Queensland as a global superyacht destination

  • Support and develop Queensland’s superyacht supply chain.

If you have any queries related to this strategy or require strategic advice on how to grow jobs and investment in your region, please AEC.


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