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Land Economics Advice

Client: City of Sydney

State: NSW

AEC was engaged by the City of Sydney to assist with the preparation of the Local Strategic Planning Statement and the Local Housing Strategy. AEC provided three separate studies for the City of Sydney, (1) development capacity for land use controls, (2) feasibility of development in heritage conservation areas, and (3) development feasibility of mandated land use splits. For the first study, AEC reviewed development capacity data and historic supply, conducted an appraisal of residential markets, profiled factors that influence deliverability of development capacity, conducted spot-checking of the lot-level data and aggregated the estimated dwelling capacity by village area to cross check against historic supply. This led to an understanding of the feasibility of development capacity by village area under current planning controls and estimates of likely take-up in the future. For the second study, AEC reviewed development and market activity, reviewed existing uses and built form and estimate at an aggregate level, and used the estimate of existing property value (in aggregate) to identify the likely FSR controls needed for comprehensive redevelopment to occur following the removal of heritage conservation areas designation. For the third study, AEC reviewed development and market activity to understand the extent and type of non-residential floorspace feasible for mixed use, conducted iterative testing of the impact of increases non-residential GFA on development feasibility and analysed possible reasons for and drivers of differences in outcomes across centres. This led to an understanding of the viability of implementing non-residential floorspace requirements on new mixed-use development in the Study Area.


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