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Lakeland Irrigation Scheme Detailed Business Case

AEC was engaged by SMEC and Regional Development Australia (RDA) Tropical North as a partner in the delivery of the Detailed Business Case for the Lakeland Irrigation Area, funded by the National Water Grid. The Lakeland Irrigation Area is constituted of cleared, arable farming land around the town of Lakeland in southern Cape York.

The Detailed Business Case builds on the work that AEC conducted for the Preliminary Business Case and augments it to meet the requirements of the Queensland Governments Project Approval Guidelines.

AEC’s role in the Detailed Business Case includes:

  • Service Need Assessment

  • Strategic alignment analysis

  • Water Demand Assessment (in accordance with the QLD Government’s Assessing Water Demand Guidelines)

  • Agricultural commodity market assessment (both domestic and international markets)

  • Preliminary economic and financial assessment of engineering options

  • Detailed economic consideration of preferred engineering options

  • Community engagement and public awareness

  • Delivery pathway, including consideration of ownership, operations and funding requirements (both scheme and non-scheme infrastructure)

  • Social Infrastructure Assessment and engagement with Cook Shire Council’s planning team to prepare for town expansion

This project has also seen significant interaction and coordination with the SMEC engineering team as options are developed, tested and refined to form the baseline project case.


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