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Hill End Tourism Market Assessment

Client: Conybeare Morrison International Pty Ltd State: NSW

AEC undertook a tourism market assessment, including identification and analysis of potential use options, for the Hill End Historic Site in NSW. Hill End Historic Site is a former gold mining town located 280 kilometres north-west of Sydney between Bathurst and Mudgee in the NSW Central Tablelands. Hill End owes its existence to the NSW gold rush of the 1850s, and at its peak in the early 1870s had a population estimated at 8,000 served by two newspapers, five banks, eight churches and twenty-eight pubs. In stark contrast, today the population is around 90.AEC's report provided a scoping of tourism options, including alternative governance models, which were deemed suitable to preserving, conserving and elevating the tourism profile of the Hill End Historic Site with the ultimate aim of creating a sustainable tourism destination.


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