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Gatton North MEIA Study

Client: Infinitum Partners State: QLD

Lockyer Valley Regional Council - Gatton North MEIA Study43and Industrial Area (MEIA) located in the centre of the Lockyer Valley local government area in Queensland. The site has significant access and environmental constraints, with a considerable portion of the land used for agricultural purposes. As such, Infintium Partners engaged AEC to identify opportunities to support the region and its efficient allocation of land use. AEC conducted a high-level opportunity assessment to identify potential industries of economic opportunity for attraction to the MEIA site, including agricultural, industrial and environmental activities, changes to the inland rail line path that dissect the site and the potential development of a freight hub in the area. Industries of opportunity identified include agricultural processing opportunities, bio-energy generation, aquaculture and seafood processing, as well as transport support industries and in-kind manufacturing. The recommendations outlined in this report are anticipated to support the future planning of the development of the MEIA.


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