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Expression of Interest and Options Analysis Campaign

Client: Australian Industry Trade College (AITC)

State: NSW

AITC is a co-educational trade school where Year 10, 11 and 12 students can complete their senior secondary education whilst also commencing a school-based apprenticeship within a trade-based industry.

AEC were engaged by AITC to conduct two concurrent Expression of Interest (EOI) campaigns to assist them in potentially sourcing new sites for their existing Toowoomba and Redland campus operations.

AITC had very specific criteria that was required to be met to occupy new premises. The purpose to engage AEC was to have an independent consultant undertake the campaign and reach the broadest possible audience. In addition to conducting the EOI campaign, documenting and screening all responses, AEC also prepared an evaluation framework whereby the three most suitable properties for each region were shortlisted (based on predefined criteria) to expediate the process for AITC.



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