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Container Deposit Scheme Feasibility Study

Client: Logan City Council

State: QLD

AEC was commissioned by Logan City Council to assess whether it should establish a Container Refund Point at its Browns Plans waste facility in response to the Queensland Government's implementation of a container refund scheme, with the assessment incorporating:

  • A review of the proposed scheme, based on the Request for Proposal Documentation, the Waste Reduction and Recycling Amendment Bill 2017 and other available information.

  • Estimation of the potential volume of containers by type that may be received at the Container Refund Point.

  • Assessment of the implications for the land area, infrastructure, plant and equipment required at the Browns Plains waste facility to facilitate the collection and storage of eligible containers and ultimate transportation to end markets for processing.

  • Assessment of the implications for resourcing (including staff requirements) and traffic congestion/vehicle movements.

Identification of the benefits and risks that may accrue to Council in receiving eligible containers.

Overall recommendation on the viability of establishing a Container Refund Point at the Browns Plains waste facility.


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