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Queensland Music Trails Business Case

AEC and Plan C worked as in collaboration to produce the Queensland Music Trails Business Case for Queensland Music Festival (QMF). The Queensland Music Trail and annual program of music-related events and activations that create unique journeys across the State. The Queensland Music Trail will combine existing events with new events, activations, and pop-up experiences along the Queensland Music Trail to encourage visitors to ‘linger’ in locations and regions across and surrounding the Trail, enabling increased visitor dispersal and greater lengths of stay throughout the state.

Works undertaken by AEC included:

  • Trail corridor identification, informed by socio-economic analysis and stakeholder engagement to understand regions of suitability, capability and need for hosting an event along a trail corridor. A total of seven unique QMT trails were identified using this process.

  • Detailed market and demand assessment of potential attendance profiles, event visitation, ticketing expectations and event participation.

  • Economic analysis including an individual assessments of direct and flow on economic impacts (including output, gross regional, state and domestic product, incomes and salaries paid, and full-time equivalent employment levels) and cost benefit analysis for each event proposed along each trail.

  • Analysis highlights that the Trails will deliver $295 million in Gross State Product, 3,000 Jobs and a Net Present Value of 1.5 by 2025.

  • Financial analysis to understand the Trails commercial viability, which included analysis of event facilitation costs, overhead and operational costs, income and revenue strategies, expected cashflow and the catalytic seed funding required for each trail.

This business case was used in successful grant funding applications worth $6.8 million, enabling them to roll out a pilot activation program that created jobs, increased bed nights and induced visitor spend, and boosted the cultural tourism activity of regional communities in South-West, South-East and Far North Queensland.


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