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Horsley Drive, Fairfield - Feasibility Analysis

Client: Banner Asset Management / Gyde Consulting

State: NSW

AEC was engaged by Banner Asset Management to undertake a feasibility analysis to assist with a divestment strategy for a redevelopment site located at 311 The Horsley Drive, Fairfield, also known as 'George Western Foods'. A concept development application for mixed use residential and ground floor retail and commercial scheme is currently being prepared.

The site is situated at the north-western fringe of the Fairfield Town Centre in Sydney's western suburbs and extends to a land area of 29,426m2. A preliminary urban design review was undertaken by Aleksandar Projects in November of 2020 which illustrated a potential massing and built form analysis for the site.

The preliminary design comprises 950 apartments, 3,000m2 of retail/business and 1,500m2 of communal space for residence, also doubling as a potential flood shelter. Further, the indicative building heights range from 8 - 29 storey's across three complexes comprising five apartment towers. The total proposed floor area equates to approximately 86,176m2.

Source: Aleksandar Projects (2021)


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