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Activate Cloncurry Strategy 2023-2028

Client: Cloncurry Shire Council State: QLD

The Cloncurry Shire is home to a number of communities that have been developed on the back of the region’s pastoral and mining successes. Cloncurry Shire Council (Council) are looking to ensure their region will retain existing and continue attracting new residents to live and work in the region. A key part of resident retention and attraction is meeting and exceeding liveability expectations of current and potential residents.  


Council engaged AEC to identify unrealised growth potential for the region to aid the retention of existing and attraction of new residents to the region. In doing this, AEC developed an Activate Cloncurry Strategy and Action Plan, which assists Council to focus activities that improve the health and wellbeing and enhance liveability across the region.  


AEC identified key factors of current and future residents’ liveability through stakeholder engagement, and identified the need to ensure contemporary sport, recreation and play facilities and services for all ages in the community are available. AEC undertook a range of contextual research of local, state, federal and regional literature of socio-demographic statistics of existing regional facilities as well as extensive stakeholder engagement to understand the value of existing structures and a local viewpoint of Council’s liveability.  


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