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Townsville City Council Annual Report WINS GOLD for a second year in a row

AEC’s Visual Communication team are excited to announce that the Townsville City Council Annual report has once again been awarded Gold at the Australasian Reporting Awards (ARA).

The Australasian Reporting Awards exists to improve continually the standards of reporting. The annual report especially, is an essential mechanism of accountability, a vital element in the governance process.

The challenge for the person preparing the report is to interpret that information for their own organisation’s peculiarities and communicate it in a way that is effective for their stakeholders.

AEC’s Visual Communication team have designed the report for several years and have picked up several Bronze Medals, a Silver and now two Gold Medals. This being a very significant achievement as in the 66 years of these ARA Awards, Townsville City Council is only one of a small number of local governments in Queensland ever to win a Gold Award. This years Annual Report was designed by AEC Designer Kirubesh Ganeshan.

“Creative Director Lyndon Berresford said. “It’s great to work on these projects and not only us get the recognition but our clients hard work is recognised to. These awards also showcase the diversity of our creative projects. AEC’s philosophy has always been ‘to be regonised through the success of our clients’. That means that an award for our clients means a win for us”.

For Further information contact:

Lyndon Berresford, AEC Creative Director

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