Research & Insight

Our Research & Insights team specialise in innovative and evidence-based analysis to inform strategic decision making. Our market and social research team capture and measure both quantitative and qualitative primary data to provide organisational and behavioural insights. We take the time to consider local issues and regional context and look for the relevant insight behind the data.


In our experience what is most valuable to is not the numbers themselves but what they mean within the overall context of each individual region and in comparison to their peer areas.


Our economists analysists and demographers have a strong understanding of the range depth and interplay of and between Australian national and regional datasets. We understand not only the availability of the relevant datasets but also their strengths and limitations for different applications.


We have a particular focus on the use of small area datasets enabling us to profile and analyse small area data for anywhere in Australia making data and analysis meaningful in every context. We have a series of powerful in house analytical and diagnostic tools to assess and evaluate socio-demographic economic and financial impacts and ramifications of projects and forward scenarios.