Research & Insight

Our Research & Insights team specialise in innovative and evidence-based analysis to inform strategic decision making. We take the time to consider local issues and regional context and look for the insight behind the data. Our latest initiative Data AU provides customers with the interactive tools to better understand social and economic data ensuring well informed decisions for future planning.  


Operating effectively in the public and private sector for over 20 years, our team deliver timely, accurate, focused, independent and authoritative market and social research services.

We are dedicated to quality and ensure our clients are delivered products of the highest standard. We are ISO certified and key staff are full members of the Australian Market and Social Research Society (AMSRS).


We are “outcome driven” and provide conclusive information and strategic advice on which to base decisions. We tailor each research program to best meet our client’s needs. We ask the tough questions to ensure the research is meaningful and insightful – a critical outcome.


Our market and social research team forms an integral part of our diversified approach to service delivery and works across all areas of our business.

Data to Inform:

  • Community Attitude

  • Business Sentiment

  • Customer Loyalty

  • Consumer Awareness

  • Price Sensitivity

Analysis for Evidence & Strategic Insight:

  • Quantitative/ Statistical Analysis

  • Qualitative Analysis

  • Focus Groups

  • Longitudinal Analysis

  • Benchmarking

  • Prevalence & Trend Analysis

  • Visualisation

Strategic Guidance Supporting our Specialist Markets:

  • Agriculture & Resources

  • Regional Development

  • Property, Planning & Development

  • Financial Strategy

  • Government Services

  • Tourism, Hospitality & Leisure

  • Market & Social Research

  • Design & Visual Communications

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